Our exclusive placements provide high value experience designed to win you places at leading investment banks.

 Previous clients of ours have gone on to join global investment firms including HSBC, Morgan Stanley and Nomura.  



Matthew completed a summer placement with a VC firm in Sao Paulo, Brazil - an experience that led him to being hired by both Nomura and Morgan Stanley in London.  



Fariha chose a BridgeGlobal finance placement to compliment her Banking & Finance Masters at St Mary's, London. Three months with a private equity firm in Mumbai, India provided the ideal addition to her CV.



Ben's 12 weeks with a boutique corporate finance firm in Shanghai led directly to a role with HSBC's investment banking team in Canary Wharf, London. His time with BridgeGlobal was the critical factor. 

How we work

BridgeGlobal partners with boutique investment finance companies in emerging markets. These organisations are seeking focussed, high calibre and motivated undergraduates and graduates to support their teams.

Our bespoke placements can take place at any time of the year but are primarily designed to run for 10 to 12 weeks between June and September. The other typical start dates are January, April and October and can normally be adjusted to suit your schedule.

The locations we work with include but are not limited to China, India, and Brazil. We are building new partnerships in Latin America, South East Asia and Africa. 

We focus exclusively on organising the best possible placement. Our fee of £747 covers this. Flights and accommodation are not part of our service although we are happy to provide advice based on the experience of our partners, network and previous clients.

Levels of remuneration vary between partners but participants generally receive at the very least living expenses. The value of your BridgeGlobal placement is primarily in the international experience you gain, the new networks you build, and the trajectory your career in finance will take following your placement. 

Our founder also has some capacity to provide personalised coaching designed to secure you the best first step in your career should a BridgeGlobal placement not be appropriate for you at this stage. The results he achieves are often transformative.       

What people say...

"Thought I would highlight that I was called back by one of the heads at Morgan Stanley twice, and I asked him the second time why he called me back. He said that my BridgeGlobal experience in Brazil experience made him want to talk to me and he was really interested in hearing about it. One of the other heads who manages hedge fund clients was also really interested in what I was doing there, the whole interview with him was on my experience in Brazil as hedge funds are an alternative investment like VC."