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Jack Bateman

Jack graduated from the University of Nottingham Business School in 2012. Since then he has worked as an English teacher in Shanghai and has recently completed a BridgeGlobal scholarship in Mumbai. Jack undertook a social enterprise project to raise awareness for the CSC’s International Day for Street Children. This involved building trusting relationships with NGOs…

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Jo Deagle

Jo, who studied Portuguese at the Federal University in João Pessoa for a year, decided she wanted to further her passion for speaking Portuguese and complete her internship module, for her Masters, in Brazil. Jo has recently flown out to Rio to complete a project for a company called Favela Experience. Her aim is to have a positive social impact on the favelas and people who live there…

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Eamonn Armstrong

Eamonn travelled and worked in Asia after university but then on his return to London he was diagnosed with Myeloma. Since being in remission, he decided he wanted to create a mobile app to help young people with cancer. He met with us and we arranged for him to fly to Mumbai where he could research app development and build connections to help launch his start-up…

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Vivek Kotecha

Vivek graduated from Leeds University and began his career in private equity. But it wasn’t for him. He decided to start an entrepreneurial career which took him to Shanghai to complete a market research project. After, he realised he wanted to return to Shanghai, so we put together a project in the city for Vivek to allow him to engage in Shanghai’s start-up scene…

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Global Finance

Exclusive placements from £597

BridgeGlobal’s exclusive global finance placements provide you access to a network of opportunities in the most important international emerging financial centres: Shanghai, SaoPaulo, Mumbai and Hong Kong. Recent BridgeGlobal Associates have worked in VC in Brazil, Private Equity in Mumbai and Investment Banking in Shanghai.

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Start-Up & Social Impact

In your chosen sector & location from £397.

Often the best place to build experience, develop your strengths, become clear on your ideal job (and see the world) is to join a growing business or social enterprise. New and innovative organisations are great places to learn, get involved and achieve measurable results. Complete the application here

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