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Posted on November 28, 2013

A week has passed since BridgeGlobal’s (High Impact Awarded) Enterprise Evening on the 21st and things are beginning to get even more exciting here at The Hub. Preparations are in full swing for our Mumbai and Shanghai outbound programs, spaces are slowly being filled and more exciting projects are coming on board for the programs.

Global Enterprise EveningLet’s backtrack a little though and talk about the event. Before the speakers showed up, the room filled and the technology began to work I was not calm to say the least. It was the first event that I’d ever organised and I’m more than happy to say that it ended up being a success! For those of you who don’t know what it was about, it was an event hosted as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013 with the aim of improving attitudes towards entrepreneurship with the motto, take a step forward. It got to 6:30 and Sarah Henderson from Echo, George Johnston from Blinc, Duncan O’Brien from Dalston Cola, Mark Spokes & Greta Rossi from Aakasha Innovation and Rishi Chowdhury from IncuBus were all there and ready to speak and the room was full of bright young budding entrepreneurs and the BridgeGlobal team.

The evening started off with a little speech from Sarah, talking a little about her company Echo (short for Economy of Hours) and how it’s a fantastic way for small companies and startups to access brilliant resources which would normally cost money all for the return of some of your own. Then George spoke about being an entrepreneur within the tech sphere and the importance of getting on with an idea once you’ve had it, in George’s very own words, “don’t be scared of doing something sooner rather than later”. Duncan then did his thing and provided a very reaffirming and realistic insight towards entrepreneurship, mainly the importance of bootstrapping and when to shift focus from networking and social media to product development and sales. We then had a nice little break where both the wine and the conversation flowed freely alongside some of Dalston Cola’s tasty soft drinks.

After the little break we then welcomed Mark and Greta to tell us about their vision of social enterprise, and not what it is at the moment but what it could become and how “networking is about building a caring relationship, not just exchanging some business cards”. Mr Chodhury of IncuBus Ventures then came up to tell his personal story of how he got to where he is today where he provided a very honest insight, emphasising how failure is a part of learning and the need to execute an idea as soon as you have it. The evening was then rounded off with BridgeGlobal’s very own Tom Hickman telling us about his attitudes towards entrepreneurship and the importance of interacting with people in order to get where you want to be.

All in all it was an informative and enjoyable evening where BridgeGlobal got to meet a lot of really interesting people and we look forward to seeing everyone back at our next event!

– Vivek Kotecha


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  • Greta Rossi
    November 30, 2013 (12:39 pm)

    A big thank you to you, Vivek, for organising an evening rich of meaningful content and inspiring young people! We look forward to collaborating closely with Bridge Global!

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